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Information overview on the company

Eye of Horus IT Security, started in 2006, is a computer and information security consultancy, operating from 4 locations – Lund, Sweden(office and accounting); London, England; Munich, Germany and Sofia, Bulgaria. Started by a group of well known IT security consultants within the industry, the company offers its wide range of expertise in information technology to both government and private sector companies. In Ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was on one hand the symbol of protection; on the other hand however is the mark of the all Seeing Eye, the supreme intellect of the universe able to capture the slightest detail – both of which are our main operating principles in day to day projects. Our main objective is to approach each inquiry to its specific needs as there could be no standardized, easy or fast solution to computer security, something we learned from the experience we gained working for big international companies and state institutions.

Thus, Eye of Horus ITs is a full-service information security consulting firm offering the comprehensive range of services to help state institutions and businesses protect their valuable assets of information, computer networks, mobile devices and terminal servers against intruders. As computers and other electronic devices are essential these days, most organizations rely to a large extent on them to access their networks and databases so they can go about their daily business. In order to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security failures therefore, we provide detailed assessments of our client's entire security infrastructures to identify and eliminate any vulnerability to external hacker attacks or internal information security weaknesses. We work closely with management to address each level's security concerns without interfering with their day to day operating environment, at the same time our services are not just limited merely to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures such as patching and updating existing security vulnerabilities, but rather the company is dedicated to helping its clients develop and maintain an integrated security system that can prevent and minimize the effect of future security attacks and even try to avoid them where possible.

Following our vulnerability assessment, the Eye of Horus ITs can deliver a detailed written report for the top management, with specific description of what systems were tested, which techniques were used, the public or proprietary tools and applications used in the process, what vulnerabilities were detected, and recommendations for improving security. This way we always keep our customers updated, with well constructed network security to ensure maximum safety of information, without hampering their routine work. What’s more important, we aim to design a client-specific structure to eliminate any potential weaknesses in the information security system when it comes to network infrastructure and hardware, but at the same time, we have to admit, we have to overcome the greatest difficulty in information security – the human factor. In this sense, it all comes down to worker training and constant, diligent efforts on the part of all employees in the organization to achieve a top level of information security, at the same time not slowing down or lengthening their internal procedures.

Due to the security nature of our business, we cannot reveal details for specific projects without the consent of the customer, which often is not eager to let outsiders have access to their information. Therefore, we have very limited access for the general public to our website. Thank you for your understanding.
Office Adresses and Contact Details:

Contact and Feedback to Eye Of Horus: office@eye-of-horus-its.com, +35 989 2 990970

Eye of Horus IT Security Consulting AB | Malmö - Sweden, Stapelbäddsgatan 3

Eye of Horus Information and Communication Technologies SA | Luxembourg, 28 Rue Tony Dutreux

Customer Comments

  • By Pascal Pesi - PSA Peugeot Citroën
    3 days ago

    We told the company to assess our vulnerability to computer spying in order to steal technical plans, both from outside groups and from our employees. They have tested the terminal servers of our R&D section, also the mobile software of the machines. In our employee email accounts they have discovered programs that can be used to access the information from the outside.

  • By Marco Sevillano, Luxottica, Italy
    13 days ago

    The company Eye of Horus inspected our Luxottica Extranet platform for dealers, to see if someone can steal information about our retailer network, orders and prices we offer to them. In a period of 3 days, 2 people from that consulting firm found weak points that could cost us much more in losses.

  • By Ivan Krajcirik, Grafobal from Slovakia
    26 days ago

    Making changes in the company created many weak points in our information systems so competitor can steal our company information. I knew personally one of the people in the company so I asked them come to check our system for giving price offers to customers and see if is secure. In one day, they did a quick and good work, found some errors to fix and told us how to save us money.

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