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References to our suppliers

As a consulting company we work with international corporations, providers of equipment and software for Information processing, security assessments and audits.

Therefore, we have worked out long-term relations with the industry's top performers in terms of quality and innovation, at the same time still able to provide lower than market prices for equipment of the finest quality.

In the list below, you can find a short list of the companies, software and technologies we work with. Some of them(Oracle, SAP) are commercially available on a contract basis, others are free to use in small projects. Some we support by developing and maintaining them for our own use, others we support for the general public, under the GNU Open Source License.

A short list of the projects we have invested efforts in and still work on them improving and developing spin-offs for specific applications:

  • BackTrack Linux
  • Network Mapper
  • Cryptainer LE