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Our Team of IT Security Professionals

Markus Weissenberg - Computer Networking, Infrastructure Engeneering and IT Security .

Specializing in the field of networking, experience in administering mobile and cable networks in a number of countries. Well familiar with network infrastructures and services. Long time member of the biggest hacking club in Europe - Chaos Computer Club, Germany.

Jonas Bresen - Server Penetration Testing and Web and Desk Services Security

Simulated hacker attacks to test system services, firewalls and installed application weak points. As the main method for External Security Audit, this shows the ability of the servers to withstand attacks as well as to test stage a real-time attack with the purpose to steal information.

Stanislav Bonchev - Device and Server Exploitation, Encryption and Information Security

Familiar with encryption methods and ways to protect information from unauthorised access for both internal and external parties. Responsible for contacts with state and private security and intelligence agencies the world over.

Razvan Miradu - Landline and Mobile Telephone Communications, Swithboard Expertise

Responsible for mobile device evaluation techniques, he is the person most familiar with the various telephone/data signal transmission types, capable of ensuring no tapping as well as able to overcome obstacles in phone tapping..

Mariusz Borczewski - Server Setting, Scripting, Programming, Testing and Administration

Server infrastructure building, specialised on all types of servers for collecting and processing of information from all types of electronic devices. Well known in Sweden, former group expert of the Swedish government program "IT Management and E-government group" .

Andrej Stubach - Project Management, Smartphone Administration and Financial Accounting

Hired for all administrative tasks, roughly familiar with the IT security business so he can address company wide issue and customer questions. He is the one answering emails, and in case of need contacting the person responsible..

    For specific information write us. Due to the specific aspect of our sector, we cannot share much information on what we have done for specific customers, however as a complete Internet, information and telecommunication security consulting firm, we can solve all problems concerning these areas:

  • Data Encryption
  • Mobile Communications
  • Source Code Check
  • Firewall and Internal Security
  • Limited Access Tools